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What Can We Do for You?

  • Engagement
  • Activism/Proxy Contests
  • Thought Leadership
  • Transactional Services
  • Benchmarking

A True Governance Leader

We provide customized governance solutions to institutional investors and companies. From creating branded thought leadership, to advising investors and targeted companies in activist situations, to assisting start-ups, Sinclair Capital has been the quiet ingredient for corporate governance success in scores of situations across four continents.

Contact Us Today

(646) 734 4012
What Can We Do for You?

  • Fiduciary Reviews
  • Creditor Committee Representation
  • Service as Independent Fiduciary
  • Crisis Management

Putting Your Money First

Whether it’s reviewing policies, procedures, and their implementation for institutional investors, or jumping headfirst into the restructurings of multi-billion-dollar enterprises, we always act according to fiduciary standards. It’s your money. We just help maximize it.

What Can We Do for You?

  • Self-Diagnosis and Firm Positioning
  • Product Development
  • ESG Integration
  • Policy and Procedure Review/Development

Differentiated Actionable Advice

Sinclair’s projects succeed because we begin by deeply understanding the client. We suggest how to reach goals in an actionable way; within the constraints, resources, strengths and sensitivities of the client. Being high-touch means we’re not the least expensive. But it also means our recommendations are adopted and used.

What Can We Do for You?

  • Corporate Board
  • Investment Committee
  • Private Company
  • Advisory Board

Independent Thinking, Collaborative Output

We are frequently called upon when skilled board members are needed the most — for a start-up, in conflicts, during a crisis, when a major new program/product is due to launch. The result? Our founder, Jon Lukomnik, has been honored three times by the National Association of Corporate Directors.


The Purpose of Asset Management

The Pension Insurance Corporation (UK) commissioned Jon Lukomnik and Jim Hawley to examine the Purpose of Asset Management as part of its Purpose of Finance series. Their white paper sparked a meeting in Parliament, two think-tank sessions and a seminar at the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Customized Solutions For Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Companies

Why Choose Sinclair?

Sinclair limits its clients to no more than six at any one time. That results in a deep understanding of each client and its needs. Recommendations are bespoke and take into account the culture, resources and constraints of each situation, resulting in a very high adoption rate.


How We Work

Our flexible, customized approach to problem solving means clients benefit from appropriate world-class resources without having to bear the cost of maintaining a large consultancy’s general overhead. We are also proud to be part of the Funston Advisory Services Expert Network.

Our Clients

Our institutional investor clients range from some of the largest to focused boutiques, as well as corporations, law firms, investor relations firms, trade organizations and NGOs. Their one common trait: Passion about understanding why and how to undertake a particular course of action, rather than just following the crowd.

The Mind of An Institutional Investor

Forbes calls Sinclair’s managing partner “one of the pioneers of modern corporate governance”. He’s a long-time institutional investor with a unique eye for examining long-held assumptions and for breaking down the usual silos between different practice areas, as well as between practitioners and academics. He is pleased to provide industry insights to our clients.