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News and Resources

Sharp-eyed observations and action plans

In-Depth Examinations of Key Issues

“We believe profoundly in the importance of the finance industry. But asset management, like other parts of the finance industry, must be able to demonstrate that it fulfils a clear purpose. As this paper argues, if that is to happen, we have work to do.”  – Tracy Blackwell, CEO, Pension Insurance Corporation, plc., and David Pitt-Watson, Pembroke Visiting Professor of Finance, Cambridge University.


“For anyone who cares about reconnecting wealth creation and social justice, this is a very welcome report”  – Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne, Head of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth


“The value of this paper is that it takes the economic importance of the asset management industry as a given, and helps frame ESG and CSR activities in their wider context.” – William Wright, Managing Director, New Financial.

“This fine book provides remarkable insights into what has gone wrong in our financial institutions and markets. In its call for action by us—we investors who collectively own corporate America—the authors offer clear and actionable steps that we can take to build a corporate world that serves our own interests, not Wall Street’s.” —John C. Bogle, founder and former chief, The Vanguard Group


“Not content simply to identify the problem, the authors propose creative (principles-based) solutions. If you care about the role of finance in today’s economy, read this provocative, compelling book.” —David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University


“A new book by three of the best thinkers in financial sustainability . . . does an outstanding job of fusing the public necessity and investor rationale for sustainable investment. . . . The timing of this book is impeccable, and it is required reading.” —Hugh Whelan, ESG Magazine

“Pick of the Year” – Financial Times


“Companies have become as vital to society as governments, but their managers face intensifying pressure to be accountable. Finally, here are insights into the ways investors are making that happen. In The New Capitalists, corporate executives, shareholders, politicians, and citizens alike will find the pointers they need. The reward is nothing less than the chance to make globalization safe for both profit and social equity.” — James D. Wolfensohn, Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC, and former President of the World Bank


“…a fine, richly reported account of how things do and should work in a very imperfect shareholder democracy.” – BusinessWeek

Selected Thought Leadership on Key Issues